Friday, December 06, 2013

Keep eating vegetables to give your love life a glow: Plenty of fruit and veg helps make a person more attractive

This study had NO data on food intake of any kind!

Research shows that eating lots of fruit and vegetables gives people a golden glow that makes them look more attractive. And as we don’t find the yellowy colour more appealing in other contexts, the researchers believe we have learnt to link bronzed skin with good health.

This could help us pick a mate and also ensure we avoid sickly sorts who might pass on an infection.

Those who find it difficult to eat their greens will be pleased to know that even one or two extra portions a day can make a difference.

The finding comes from York, St Andrews and Cambridge University researchers who took photos of 20 men and women and then adjusted them to create four different versions.

In one set of images, the faces had the golden glow of someone who eats a lot of fruit and veg and in a second they had the less healthy complexion of someone who eats few greens. The third and fourth sets also had contrasting skin tones but the faces were jumbled up to create abstract images that were unrecognisable as being human.

Volunteers then rated the attractiveness of the images.

The yellowness of the abstract images didn’t make a difference but the more golden faces were clearly judged as being better looking.   The results suggest that rather than being a colour we find attractive in general, yellow tells us something special when part of someone’s skin tone.


Are Vitamin C-infused showers the secret to healthy hair and skin? The new beauty trend promising to eliminate dandruff, frizz, and eczema

Just fads

Flu season’s favored antidote - Vitamin C - is now being taken out of the vitamin capsule and into the shower - but not to ward off sickness.

By reducing water’s chlorine content, Vitamin C filters - which can be purchased online for between $35 and $125 - are said to leave the hair and skin in better condition.

The devices are said to neutralize, and therefore reduce chlorine’s residual side effects like dry skin, dandruff, frizzy hair, headaches, and itchy eyes, researchers say. They can even help subside eczema.

Much like its use in pool maintenance, chlorine is typically deployed into public water supplies to disinfect the water as it travels through pipelines.

While the chlorine loses its purpose once it reaches your tap, it can still leave behind the aforementioned reactions. Vitamin C has been deemed as a foil to these side effects.

Vitamin C ‘eats’ or consumes the chlorine, and has been promoted by the U.S. Department of Agriculture as a proven chlorine neutralizer.

Chlorine filtering devices loaded with Vitamin C are already being installed in luxury hotels and condominium buildings in cities across the U.S.

The MGM Grand in Las Vegas says that Vitamin C shower filters are a key tool in ‘promoting healthy hair [and] skin.’ The hotel has installed the filters in its ‘Stay Well’ rooms.

The filters are popping up in luxury apartments too. Leonardo DiCaprio is reportedly moving into a New York City ‘health-centric’ condominium complex where the showers come furnished with Vitamin C filters.

The devices, some of which are offered as complete filtering showerheads, and others as screw-on showerhead attachments, each come with refillable cartridges that last somewhere between one and three months.

But do they work? Online reviewers seem to offer a range of opinions – making the filters’ effectiveness seem unclear.


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