Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Dorian Grey lives! Your face reflects your life: "Your face really is your fortune. If you are married, of a higher social class and have fewer than four children, then you probably look younger than you actually are. By contrast, significant weight loss, a fall in social status and being a lonely singleton can add years to a person's appearance. A new study has quantified the impact that a combination of lifestyle, medical history and diet have on how your looks age. The findings show a youthful face is an accurate indicator of good health. "It is a lot more dangerous looking one year older than being one year older," said Dr Kaare Christensen, of the Danish Twin Registry, who led the study, to be published in the journal Age and Ageing. "If you are not depressed, not lonely, not a smoker and not too skinny, you are basically doing well," she said. By contrast, looking old for one's age was linked to increased mortality. Marriage is more beneficial for a woman, knocking almost two years from her apparent age, but only one year from a man's appearance".

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