Monday, July 17, 2006

Brits love boob jobs: "Figures released today show that breast enlargements are now the most popular form of cosmetic surgery in the UK. More than 26,000 women went under the knife last year - up 150 per cent on figures for 2003. And it's estimated that by 2007, Britons will spend a whopping 659 million pounds a year on sculpting the body beautiful. So why the huge rise in mammary makeovers? It's all down to science, reckons consultant plastic surgeon Rajiv Grover. "There have been great advances in the type of implants available in the past five or ten years. "Implants aren't filled with liquid silicone any more so leaks are much rarer and people feel safe having the work done." Mr. Grover may be seeing more clients than ever but it seems their requirements have got more conservative of late. "A few years ago, patients liked the idea of a big, busty look but now they're far more concerned with looking natural. "Most of the women I see want to go up about two cup sizes"

Kissing is good for you: :The couples who kiss together, stay together. That's the advice from the panel of sexperts we quizzed to mark National Kissing Day - which was last week. Sarah Hedley, editor of saucy women's mag Scarlet, reckons snogging is one of the sexiest things you can do. She told us: "A very passionate kiss releases a feel good chemical in the body called oxytocin. "According to scientists, oxytocin is linked to fidelity so, put simply, if you kiss you won't feel the need to stray! "Apparently the hormone makes you feel more in love and stable." ... According to Sarah, kissing shouldn't be limited to the lips. She told us: "It might sound a bit strange but it's a good idea to kiss areas that sweat, like armpits and the top lip. "They're both areas with high pheromone levels, so in getting close and kissing, you'll be breathing in each other's pheromones which in turn increase arousal."... "Everyone is capable of having a mind-blowing snog. And it shouldn't be restricted to the mouth, being kissed on the neck is totally sexy... Telly sexpert Tracey Cox - who's best known for analysing couples' sex lives on C4's The Sex Inspectors - recommends couples try a Champagne Kiss. She advises: "Take a good gulp of chilled champagne into your mouth, resist the urge to swallow and hold it there. "Next lean over and kiss your partner, letting a tiny amount of champagne trickle into their mouth."

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