Tuesday, November 16, 2010

What would a disease that flooded your blood with cholesterol do?

Sufferers die of heart attacks in childhood? Far from it

About von Gierke's disease:

"Glycogen storage disease type Ia (GSD-Ia) is characterized by hypercholesterolemia, hypertriglyceridemia, decreased cholesterol in high density lipoprotein and increased cholesterol in low and very low density lipoprotein fractions."

Of course, with lipids like those, you should die of CVD at a very early age. But you don't.

As people may recall my current hypothesis for the cause of premature CVD is that it is triggered by Purple Spotted sdLDL, something which is NEVER measured by lipidologists. This is hardly surprising because I made it up. Taking a lesson from the lipid hypothesis founders there.

So folks with glycogen storage disease type Ia have the worst possible lipid profile you can imagine and no premature CVD.

To explain this paradox (gasp in awe at the explanations) you can look at antioxidants like uric acid or do very clever things with cholesterol efflux mediators or hypothesise about adiponectin. Take your pick.

Guess what. People with glycogen storage disease type Ia are virtually never hyperglycaemic or hyperinsulinaemic. In fact hypoglycaemia can be a serious problem for them. But they don't get heart disease. Funny that.


Andrew Orr's Chinese combination the secret to that extra-special delivery for infertile couples

Almost certainly a placebo effect. Relaxation is important to falling pregnant and this guy appears to be very confidence inspiring, as many quacks are. Note the last paragraph below

THE proof of traditional Chinese medicine's success in treating infertility can be seen in Andrew Orr's numbers. The Brisbane practitioner has helped bring 10,028 babies into the world in 15 years. Mr Orr said there was strong evidence to support the integration of traditional methods with western medicine.

He said he recorded a 95 per cent success rate among his clients, the vast majority of whom were undertaking IVF procedures, and higher pregnancy rates in women aged over 40.

Mr Orr said his program incorporated lifestyle, stress reduction, nutrition, Chinese herbs, acupuncture, massage and vitamins for both partners. Little Mackenzie and Morgan McCann hold a special place in Mr Orr's heart, being the 10,000th successful pregnancy and birth he assisted.

Mum and registered nurse Sharon McCann yesterday said she had been undergoing IVF for a year, before going to see Mr Orr. Ms McCann, 41, said she had two more unsuccessful IVF cycles before falling pregnant in December. She said it was the constant personal support and positive affirmation from the team she appreciated most through the journey. "They're there for you.''


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