Saturday, September 26, 2020

The Glorious Post-Brexit World Of Affordable Food

The European Union is warning us of the tragedy that will ensue as we leave the warm embrace of the federasts. That food will become more affordable upon this sceptered isle.

The UK will be flooded with cheaply produced food should it lower its regulatory standards after Brexit, Brussels has warned,

Well, yes, and this should be a warning for us why?

Given that the shouting about those food standards is to insist that we should be fed by peasants of good stock rather than industrial conglomerates who do it cheaply, why should we stick with the condemning people to the idiocies of rural life? Better, by far, to let the corporations take the strain, no?

Do note the important thing here. The relaxing of the standards doesn’t prevent anyone who wants to continue to purchase from rosy cheeked yokels. The imposition of the standards does stop the poor gaining a cheap chicken dinner. So, concerned with liberty as we are, even with the feeding habits of the poor, we should be against the regulations in the first place, right?

All of which is most fun and yet still not quite grasping the actual point here. The European Union exists – we can tell this from where it spends its budget – in order to benefit the owners of the countryside, the landlords. Brexit gives us the opportunity to give said landlords the right good walloping  they should be getting. No longer will their rent be subsidised from the wallet of every other taxpayer. No more will their production be subsidised by restrictive practices imposed upon every producer.

Basically, we’ve the opportunity to do over the squirearchy just as we did in 1846. Not an opportunity we should allow to go to waste.

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