Monday, November 08, 2021

Drinking a beer or glass of wine a day could PROTECT you from getting heart disease

Drinking a wine or beer every day could be the key to preventing heart disease in the elderly, a study has revealed.

Monash University researchers observed the effects of alcohol consumption in 18,000 people aged 70 and above in the US and Australia.

They discovered that drinking between five and 10 beverages a week led to a much smaller chance of dying from heart problems.

School of Public Health and Preventive Medicine associate professor Robyn Woods said the research was insightful.

'It's that range of five to 10 standard drinks a week where we saw real benefit for reducing the mortality risk, but also on cardiovascular disease,' Prof Woods told The Daily Telegraph.

'We are very confident to say that moderate alcohol intake does not appear to do harm in older people regarding cardiovascular disease and also for all-cause mortality.'

Researchers came to the conclusion after observing participants of the ASPREE trial - Aspirin in Reducing Events in the Elderly.

The study looks at the effects of lose-dose aspirin on healthy, elderly people and requires participants to self-report their alcohol consumption.

Fifty-seven per cent of participants were female, 43.3 per cent were male and most were aged in their mid-70s.

The participants were followed for around 4.7 years and researchers discovered the moderate alcohol drinkers fared better than their teetotaller counterparts.

Lead author Dr Neumann pointed out all the participants were considered to be healthy before they started the trial.

The effects of moderate alcohol consumption remain unknown for elderly people who are less healthy and physically active.

People should also not use the study as encouragement to drink more alcohol with excess consumption linked with increasing risks of cancers, heart disease, dementia, stroke and liver failure.




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Norse said...

I do not think there is a study to examine the effects of alcohol on our standards, how drinking may pause or cause standards to become temporarily out of sight for as long as we drink. That in turn means we do not have to deal with the stresses of living up to them, at least for a while. The most important standard is our top-shelf sense of what is right and wrong to do by others. Always let your conscience be your guide, that is what some children used to be taught. But it is not so under growing leftist influence. It's just too good for them.

A-l*c*o*h*o*l-r*e*l*a*t*e*d s-u-i*c*i-d-e a-c*r*o*s-s A-u*s*t*r*a*l*i-a