Friday, January 20, 2006

Wine and cheese not such a good idea: "It is supposed to be the perfect way to round off a gourmet meal: a wedge of ripe stilton or creamy brie complemented by a glass of fine red wine. Science, however, suggests that wine and cheese - the combination that launched an entire genre of naff parties - are actually false friends. Far from enhancing the bouquet of a quality red, even a cheese as mild as mozzarella will dull the palate to the complex and subtle aromas that make a wine great. Research by a team at the University of California, Davis, suggests that wine buffs should avoid pairing cabernet sauvignon with camembert or pinot noir with Pont l'Ev^que if they want to appreciate their cellars to the full. Hosts seeking to disguise a bottle of cheap plonk, however, should serve up the cheese course straight away. Cheese is an equal opportunities flavour-killer and will mask a bad wine's astringent taste as effectively as it will the rewarding berry tones of a good vintage".

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