Friday, March 31, 2006

U.K.: Beer good for sick cows: "A farmer was yesterday toasting the health of a cow that made a wonder recovery after being treated with beer. When the cow developed a stomach problem, a vet suggested yeast - so the Suffolk farmer fed her Adnams beer. Lottie has now made a full recovery and given birth to a calf named Adnams. "She was very ill and wouldn't eat or drink", said Mrs Baskett yesterday. "The vet who was treating her said she thought that brewers yeast might help cure the problem. "She said she had heard of it being used in other countries and in England many years ago. "So Tony approached the local pub and they gave him a barrel of Adnams which just had the dregs of the beer in the bottom. "We put it in a bottle and pushed the bottle into Lottie's mouth and got it down her that way. "After a few months she made a full recovery and now to show how healthy she is she has given birth to a calf, which we have of course named Adnams. "We've been farming for 48 years here and I have never heard of beer being used like this before. But apparently it was in the old days.""

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