Thursday, May 04, 2006

Ban cooked vegetables!: "Cooking vegetables in certain ways can make them as acidic as tooth-eroding fizzy drinks, scientists say. Eggplants, green capsicums and zucchinis turn very acidic when roasted in the oven, while red capsicums become heavily acidic when stewed, a study at the University of Dundee in Scotland found. But the acidity level of onions or tomatoes does not change with the cooking method, it said. The researchers studied how different methods of cooking a vegetarian dish like ratatouille could affect its acidity. Ratatouille was acidic no matter how it was cooked, but oven-roasting significantly increased the acidity of the dish, compared to stewing. Head researcher Graham Chadwick said: "The acidity of ratatouille prepared by oven-roasting is the same as that of some carbonated drinks that, when consumed in excess, are believed to contribute to the development of dental erosion.""

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