Friday, August 18, 2006

Are You A Fatso? It Might Not Be Your Fault

Are all of your pants split at the seams, it may not be your fault that you are obese. You don't have to look at your pudgy face in the mirror and blame yourself for being too lazy to work out and too weak to resist second helpings. Relax, you don't have to take responsibility for looking like a baby hippo.

The Financial Express Net Edition reports: "The obesity epidemic is caused by a `poisoned' food supply that is altering people's biochemistry and driving them to eat more and move less, according to a hypothesis proposed by a University of California-San Francisco doctor who culled results from thousands of studies on obesity."

Great, we live in a society where nobody wants to take responsibility for their moral failings, and here is an egghead doctor giving people an excuse for being obese. Do you spend half of your salary at your local pub and come home drunk every night? You aren't an irresponsible drunk, you are an unfortunate victim of the disease of alcoholism. Did you spend your mortgage money hitting the slots in Vegas? You aren't a selfish jerk, you are suffering from a gambling addiction. And what happens in Vegas, stay in Vegas anyway!

According to this quack's theory, processed food is loaded with sugars that cause the body to believe that it is hungry, which makes people compelled to consume more calories.

You don't have to be a rocket scientist or a physician to know that processed foods like potato chips and other snacks aren't good for you. A responsible person will eat a couple of snacks per weak, a weak-willed idiot will gorge on snack foods and then blame his obesity on a "poisoned food supply." The more processed foods you eat, the fatter you will become, and the fatter you become the less you will feel like working out. It's a vicious cycle,and the only way out is by taking responsibility for your obesity - not by blaming it on a conspiracy by food companies to make us addicted to processed foods.


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