Thursday, August 24, 2006

Widely used drugs now dangerous: ""Several drugs to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder must include new warning information about the risk of heart problems and psychotic behavior, U.S. health officials said on Monday. The drugs, which include GlaxoSmithKline Plc's Dexedrine and Novartis AG's Ritalin, must include a warning about the possible risk of sudden death and serious heart problems, Food and Drug Administration spokeswoman Susan Bro told Reuters."

Driving under the influence of food to be banned? "Drivers who eat and drink at the wheel are on course for a crash diet. Tests have revealed that drivers are almost twice as likely to crash when eating or drinking, even if they compensate by driving more slowly and more carefully. And the RACQ believes it is so dangerous it could call for a ban. A new overseas study has found that eating and drinking while driving left drivers with a significantly higher "mental workload" which left them unable to brake in time to avoid a crash. The tests found that eating and drinking while driving was as dangerous and distracting as using a hand-held mobile phone, which is now banned and carries a penalty of $225 and three demerit points." [Tofu eating will probably remain OK, though]

Beware of raw Amazonian snails: "More than 70 people in Beijing have fallen ill with meningitis after they ate undercooked or raw snails at a restaurant in the city. City health officials issued an urgent notice to ban the sale of raw or half-cooked snails at restaurants. The Shuguo Yanyi Restaurant - where those who developed the illness had dined - would be punished, officials said. Doctors said that although some of the people affected were in a serious condition, no fatalities had been reported and three people had already left hospital. The snails in question, from the Amazon, were first introduced to China in the 1980s".

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